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Optimize your use of social networks

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Only 10% of all LinkedIn users is active in business matters, while 50% of all news gathering happens on social media. With DCURE, you simply activate more colleagues and turn them into brand ambassadors. Increase your reach and get up to 300% more traffic with DCURE.

Marketing Advantages

Referral recruitment

Employees are the best source to recruit new employees. With DCURE you simply activate more employees, who will share the right job openings and content with their personal networks. Receive up to 300% more traffic and up to 8 applicants per employee per year.

Recruitment Advantages

Social selling

The sales proces is changing. Fewer and fewer decision makers pick up the phone, and almost all decisions have already been made before sales is invited to pitch. DCURE makes it easy to stay in touch, reach and influence everyone involved in the buying process, in advance.

Sales Advantages

The growing importance of social media

of LinkedIn users don’t share anything
of all news gathering happens through social media
of decision makers don’t answer phonecalls
of buying decisions have already been made before there has been any contact
of buyers base their decisions on social media
of buying decisions are made online

Effective and planned use of social networks with DCURE

What do our clients achieve with DCURE ? An example of one of our new customers

20 brand


2 posts

per week


Clicks per month

*Source: anonymous law firm

Calculate your reach with DCURE?

Enter the amount of users and monthly shares, and find out immediately how many people you can reach with DCURE

“To reach 60% of a coworkers network, you need at least 22.6 updates per month.”

Source: LinkedIn.

Why choose DCURE?




You will only have to set up DCURE once , after which the system will shares the right content at the right times for your employees. You can then immediately look at the results and see how easy it is to maximize social networking results. 

Over 50 companies experience the advantages of DCURE

“My experiences with DCURE are very positive. DCURE app. Meets certain needs we experience on the recruitment team of Punch Powertrain. That need is to enable our employees to share Punch Powertrain updates, including jobs, for us it’s a smart way to use social media, that doesn’t require much effort from our employees. Besides that, we experience a great service and a company that listens to our needs.”
Bart Depraetere, Punch Powertrain
“The power of referrals nowadays is invaluable, DCURE has a smart and good solution that adds value. We always receive feedback and support when we need it. DCURE is efficient and easy to use, for us it’s a great partner to work with.”
Tony Janssens, Trasys
“DCURE helps us to streamline our communication. By using DCURE, we optimize our social networks of our employees. We can easily tell how often a job is shared, what our reach is, what traffic it brought us and which channel was leading. Basically, we can see ROI immediately. For an up to date HRM Policy, DCURE is a must.”
Jeanine Groen, Accor
“A lot of our employees received e-mails, several times a week, from multiple departments with requests to share content such as jobs, news and other content from our website on their personal social media pages. To be honest, to share an update is not a lot of work, but most employees ‘forgot’ to do so. I was very pleased when our marketing department came up with DCURE, to optimize this process and make it easier for our employees. Our employees where enthusiastic about this idea, so the implementation was a no brainer, and realized in a heartbeat. Besides the fact our content was, automatically and thus more often shared than ever before, messages are also shared on different times. DCURE generates a lot of extra traffic, real visitors, it drives information requests, reactions etc. Our content, for instance jobs is visited by 300% extra people. For us, DCURE is a success.”
Pino Maglio, Boon Edam
We’re using DCURE since september2015, with 34 of our consultants, to create a better visibility on social media for both our consultants and Kantar. Besides the fact that DCURE takes work out of our consultant’s hands, they don’t have to write, or post their own updates, we see a substantial amount of extra traffic being driven to our website. Our Analytics tell us that content shared with DCURE receives over 20% extra traffic. Our colleagues tell us that they feel that they are more visible in their own networks, because of the likes and interactions they receive on their posts. This why we have decided to continue our successful partnership with DCURE.
Helena Klok, Kantar TNS

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