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Increase the visibility and reach of your content

Increase reach

Employees have 10x more connections than a company has followers. DCURE simply activates more colleagues and turns them into brand ambassadors, who subsequently share company updates with their network(s).

Increase visibility

90% of the users on LinkedIn hardly share anything, they only consume content. With The Cure, your content is spread automatically through your employees’ networks, so their connections know exactly what’s happening at your company.

Decrease costs

The amount of reach, awareness, impressions and traffic  you get by using brand ambassadors, would be considerably more expensive if you used other methods. DCURE is the general leader when it comes to costs per lead.

Features of DCURE

Extensive segmentation

One of DCURE’s main advantages is segmentation. The job openings and other content of your organization is divided in such a way that every employee can quickly select what they want to share. That way your employees will never feel like they’re sharing something that doesn’t suit them.

Auto Import

With DCURE, referral recruitment is easy for both employees and HR/Recruitment. By importing job openings and other content via RSS-XML Feed, our system is always up to date and only current job openings are shared, without you having to do anything yourself.


Every employee is different. Therefore, odds are that not everyone will stick to the same update frequency. With DCURE, your employees can decide themselves how often an update can be posted. If there’s no content, nothing will be posted. Moreover, we always post merely 1 update at a time.


Here at DCURE, we make every shared link unique; per employee, per message and per social network. That way you can always find out where your traffic comes from and through whom people have clicked.


Most of DCURE’s clients choose to share this information with their employees. That way, they are better informed and involved in the company’s referral program. Moreover, the reports are ideal to share with new employees, so they can immediately see what DCURE can do for them.

Why choose DCURE?


You only have to set up DCURE once, after which the system will automatically share the right content at the right times. You can then immediately look at the result and see how easy it can be to make optimal use of social networks.

OVer 50 companies experience the advantages of DCURE

“My experiences with DCURE are very positive. DCURE app. Meets certain needs we experience on the recruitment team of Punch Powertrain. That need is to enable our employees to share Punch Powertrain updates, including jobs, for us it’s a smart way to use social media, that doesn’t require much effort from our employees. Besides that, we experience a great service and a company that listens to our needs.”
Bart Depraetere, Punch Powertrain
“De kracht van referral is vandaag van onschatbare waarde en daar brengt The Cure een zeer goede oplossing met meerwaarde. Altijd de nodige feedback en support die nodig is om het efficiënt te gebruiken, maakt van The Cure een goede partner.”
Tony Janssens, Trasys
“DCURE helps us to streamline our communication. By using DCURE, we optimize our social networks of our employees. We can easily tell how often a job is shared, what our reach is, what traffic it brought us and which channel was leading. Basically, we can see ROI immediately. For an up to date HRM Policy, DCURE is a must.”
Jeanine Groen, Accor
“A lot of our employees received e-mails, several times a week, from multiple departments with requests to share content such as jobs, news and other content from our website on their personal social media pages. To be honest, to share an update is not a lot of work, but most employees ‘forgot’ to do so. I was very pleased when our marketing department came up with DCURE, to optimize this process and make it easier for our employees. Our employees where enthusiastic about this idea, so the implementation was a no brainer, and realized in a heartbeat. Besides the fact our content was, automatically and thus more often shared than ever before, messages are also shared on different times. DCURE generates a lot of extra traffic, real visitors, it drives information requests, reactions etc. Our content, for instance jobs is visited by 300% extra people. For us, DCURE is a success.”
Pino Maglio, Boon Edam
“DCURE is our referral partner. DCURE makes it easy for our employees to distribute jobs on their personal social media accounts. Our employees only post jobs their affiliated with, on scheduled times. It’s easy for them, so they don’t ‘forget’ to share anymore and the shared job on receives a direct impulse. Having our employee’s share jobs, drives awareness, grows our reach and it drives traffic. We have a good partnership with DCURE with short response times and a solid solution.”
testimonial randstadEdo Zwaan, Randstad
“People communicate a brand, a recruitment and a corporate brand. Those people are a part of our company’s network. They have to be activated, or hardly any will share updates, so they can carry out our brand. DCURE helps us and our employees to turn them into brand ambassadors.”
testimonial wvdbRobert Versteeg, Witlox van den Boomen
We’re using DCURE since september2015, with 34 of our consultants, to create a better visibility on social media for both our consultants and Kantar. Besides the fact that DCURE takes work out of our consultant’s hands, they don’t have to write, or post their own updates, we see a substantial amount of extra traffic being driven to our website. Our Analytics tell us that content shared with DCURE receives over 20% extra traffic. Our colleagues tell us that they feel that they are more visible in their own networks, because of the likes and interactions they receive on their posts. This why we have decided to continue our successful partnership with DCURE.
Helena Klok, Kantar TNS

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